Title:  All Thirteen

Author:  Christina Soontornvat

Genre:  Non-fiction


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Christina Soontornvat’s All Thirteen is an extraordinary true story, with photgraphs and maps, about an outstanding cave rescue of the Thai boys’ soccer team in 2018. This book is about thirteen boys trapped in a cave called Tham Luang. The boys were players on a soccer team called the Wild Boars. After soccer practice one day, they biked to explore Tham Luang. It flooded, and they were trapped with no food for nine days. They drank water that dripped from the walls. As they sat in the dark, people came from all over the world to try and help save the boys. The rescuers included Thai Navy Seals, world class cave divers, doctors, water experts, locals, volunteers, and parents, who all pitched in out of goodwill, without pay. But time was of the essence because the monsoon rains were coming any day. Read this awesome book to find out what happens.

Reviewer:  BennyReed

Age: 10

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