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Kids Eye Books now welcomes submissions of Literary Analysis!

Would you like to up your game by taking a closer look at a book you’ve read? Literary Analysis allows you to follow a single intriguing path — a particular “light” that shines for you within a story.

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Maybe you notice that the scariest or most tense scenes in a book you’re reading happen during rainstorms or high winds. How does the weather influence the story’s tone or mood? Perhaps the story takes place in a desert. How do those high temperatures and cacti affect the characters and the events that unfold? Same questions if the book is set in a forest, by the ocean, or in Bangladesh.

Another question that interests you might involve one of the side stories in a book. Sometimes, those “stories within a story” have interesting links to the main plot. Or perhaps you’d like to follow a recurring symbol or the relationship between two characters from beginning to end. You could compare and contrast certain characters, or examine an ethical issue that a character struggles with during the story. There are numerous elements of an author’s story and writing style that you can examine as you develop a Literary Analysis.

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Next time you read a book, watch for something that catches your notice. Then, please, share your discoveries here at Kids Eye Books!

Your English teacher has valuable guidelines for how to format and write a Literary Analysis. You might want help in developing a thesis and then supporting your argument (that’s what a thesis is!) with evidence from the book.

Janet and Wendy are here to help you get started. We look forward to your insights and observations through the Literary Analyses up ahead!

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