Title:  Everybody But Us

Author:  Ben Rose

Genre:  YA, Coming of Age


Everybody But Us by Ben Rose is a totally awesome Young Adult Novel. Set primarily in the Boroughs of New York City (where I reside) this is the story of a bisexual teen named Destiny. After being subjected to conversion therapy, she is abandoned by her abusive, fundamentalist family. She meets three college students who help her to have a more liberal view of The Bible and to begin normalizing her sexuality. Once she reaches NYC, she meets a runaway teen named Mackenzie with whom she falls in love. They survive by their wits, and build a found family with friends they meet including a teen hustler named Vinnie. Everything is coming together for the girls until Mackenzie’s alcoholism threatens to destroy it all.

I loved this novel! The characters are nuanced, the use of language sounds realistic, and the scene setting is very much the city I know. I will say that the description of Destiny’s conversion therapy is traumatic, but it is necessary.

This is a riveting portrait of bi-sexual teens trying to survive in today’s world.

Reviewer: LadyShay

Age: 14

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