Charlie Thorne

Title: Charlie Thorne and the Last Equation

Author: Stuart Gibbs

Genre: Mystery

Rating: 5-stars

Twelve-year-old Charlie Thorne is a rebellious genius and a thief who learns to use her brain for good.

When Albert Einstein died, he left behind a code to hide the physics equation for how to make an easy super nuclear bomb called Pandora. CIA Director Carter tries to find someone smart enough to crack Einstein’s code.

Dante Garcia and Milana Moon, two CIA agents, try to track down Charlie. Charlie has a super high IQ, like Einstein, so it is hard to find her because she does not want to be found. A terrorist group is also racing to get Pandora.

This book is astounding, with rooftop chases, gunfights, explosions, betrayals, and more. Charlie is a “like a cockroach”: she always gets away from every trap. But she does not know who to trust. If you liked the Spy School series, also by Stuart Gibbs, you will like this book.

Pandora could destroy the world or save it. You’ll find out in the sensational ending of this awesome book. The fate of the world is in Charlie’s hands.

Reviewer: BennyReed

Age: 10

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