Mastermind1999 finds “Phoenix” to be an extraordinary book!

Phoenix paperback front.jpg

Title: Phoenix

Author: S F Said

Genre: Science Fiction

Rating: 5 Stars

The book “Phoenix,” written by S F Said and illustrated by Dave McKean, is amazing. It is about a kid named Lucky who awakes one day with his bed sheets smoldering and a giant hole in them. Lucky and his mom have to join forces with aliens that the human race is fighting. Lucky then has to find the truth about his powers by finding his dad in the war zone. “Phoenix” is a great book with extraordinary illustrations. You will like this book if you are interested in books about the future and if you like the “Guardians of the Galaxy” (the movie) or fast-paced adventure books. This book is very well written: I could imagine each scene like a movie because everything was described so well.  “Phoenix” is one of my favorite books. I read it in three days!!!

Reviewer: Mastermind1999

Age: 12

Untrustworthy Doofus gives high praise to “Bruiser.” This review is an EXEMPLAR!


Title:  Bruiser

Author:  Neal Shusterman

Genre:  Young Adult Fantasy

Rating:  5 Stars

I just read a fantasy book for young adults titled Bruiser, by Neal Shusterman, that made me feel tremendous sympathy and empathy for the characters. Bruiser is about a kid everyone calls The Bruiser, who wants to have friends, but shuts them out at the same time. When Tennyson’s twin sister, Brontë, becomes The Bruiser’s girlfriend, Tennyson is bothered by it and investigates. He discovers that the Bruiser steals pain from everyone he cares about. When someone breaks an arm, for example, The Bruiser’s arm breaks instead.

What I like most about this book is that Shusterman is a master at switching perspectives between multiple protagonists. Bruiser shows the power of emotions to their fullest extent when the twins’ parents are affected by his “gift” in a strange way. I would rate this book 5 stars!

Reviewer:  Untrustworthy Doofus

Age:  14

“The Candymakers” Review by SunPanda



Title:  The Candymakers

Author:  Wendy Mass

Genre:  Realistic

Rating:  5 Stars

The Candymakers is one my favorite books! It is written by Wendy Mass, who has also written Pie in the Sky, Every Soul a Star, A Mango-Shaped Space and the Willow Falls series. It is realistic fiction, and is about four kids, Daisy, Logan, Miles, and Philip, all in a contest to make the best candy. The best of the kids will get to own the whole Life Is Sweet candy factory. Every thing is working smoothly when Philip’s dad plans to over run the company. Of course, no one likes Philip, and he has a hard time explaining what his dad was doing. Will he convince them? Will they win against the other kids all around the world?

I really like this book because it is in the different perspectives of each kid, and slowly builds suspense with each chapter. I also like that even though it’s really exciting, it has no violence in it. So if you like suspenseful, funny, characteristic books, I recommend this one!

Username:  SunPanda

Age:  10

A Glowing Review by SunPanda of “Runs with Courage.”


Title:  Runs with Courage

Author:  Joan M. Wolf

Genre:  Realistic

Rating:  5 Stars

Runs With Courage is my favorite book! It is a story about a Native American girl, Four Winds, who is taken away to go to a white school, or a boarding school. She has to learn English with a bunch of other Native American girls. It is realistic fiction and the author has only written one other chapter book. Her name is Joan M. Wolf.

The book is detailed about the Native American culture. Four Winds thinks like a native american and shows that she doesn’t understand a lot in school. She can’t control her anger very well, and runs away once, only to be sent back. She meets a Native American boy who cleans up after everyone, and is supposed to burn all the special items of the Native American girls. Four Winds and the boy, William or Catches Fire, become great friends and help all the other girls to be happier. I really like this book because it shows how some Native Americans felt about boarding school. Thank you for reading this report, and I hope you read this book!

Reviewer:  SunPanda

Age:  10


First Review! Untrustworthy Doofus writes about the darkness of “Unwind.”


Title:  Unwind

Author:  Neal Shusterman

Genre:  Science Fiction, Dystopian

Rating:  5 Stars

The Unwind dystology (a four-book series), by Neil Shusterman, is a book that will make fear for the future. Unwind is the first book in this young adult science-fiction series, and is my all-time favorite. Unwind has a dark topic:  after a war, a scientist discovers a way to use 99.44% of a human body for life-saving implants. Without the scientist’s permission, the government decides to begin the process of “unwinding,” in which parents can decide if they want their misbehaving kid to be unwound between the ages of 13 and 18.

I like how the author chose to write from many different perspectives, switching between characters for each chapter.  The characters act and talk like real people, and the plot is so full of action that once you start reading it, you can’t stop.  I would rate this book five stars out of five!

Untrustworthy Doofus

Age:  13