Title:  The Candymakers

Author:  Wendy Mass

Genre:  Realistic

Rating:  5 Stars

The Candymakers is one my favorite books! It is written by Wendy Mass, who has also written Pie in the Sky, Every Soul a Star, A Mango-Shaped Space and the Willow Falls series. It is realistic fiction, and is about four kids, Daisy, Logan, Miles, and Philip, all in a contest to make the best candy. The best of the kids will get to own the whole Life Is Sweet candy factory. Every thing is working smoothly when Philip’s dad plans to over run the company. Of course, no one likes Philip, and he has a hard time explaining what his dad was doing. Will he convince them? Will they win against the other kids all around the world?

I really like this book because it is in the different perspectives of each kid, and slowly builds suspense with each chapter. I also like that even though it’s really exciting, it has no violence in it. So if you like suspenseful, funny, characteristic books, I recommend this one!

Username:  SunPanda

Age:  10

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