Time to play Kids Eye “Mad Libs!”  

Can you guess the book excerpt shown below?  Go to Submit and let us know the title and author!

If you’ve never played, here’s what you do:

  • Find a friend or a family member
  • Read ONLY the italicized words to your friend and have him/her provide you with that type of word (can be any crazy word, as long as it’s the right part of speech).
  • Write your friend’s answers in place of the italicized words.
  • Read aloud and laugh!

There was a hand in the darkness, and it held a  (noun) .   The  (same noun)  had a  (noun)  of polished  (adjective)   (noun) , and a blade  (adjective ending in -er) and sharper than any  (noun).  If it  (verb ending in -ed)  you, you might not even know you had been (verb ending in -ed) , not  (adverb.

The  (noun)  had done almost everything it  (verb, past tense)  to that  (noun)  to do, and both the blade and the  (noun)  were  (adjective.

The  (adjective)  door was still  (adjective), just a little, where the knife and the  (noun)  who held it had (verb ending in -ed)  in, and (noun, plural)  of (adjective)  mist slithered and (verb ending in -ed)  into the house through the (adjective)  door.

The man (person’s name)  paused on the (noun) .  With his (adjective)  hand he (verb ending in -ed)  a large (adjective)  (noun) from the pocket of his (adjective)  coat, and with it he wiped off the (same noun) and his (adjective)  (adjective)  hand which had been  (verb ending in -ing)  it; then he put the (same noun) away.  The hunt was  (adverb)  over.  He had left the woman in her (noun), the man on the (adjective) (noun), the (adjective) child in her (adjective)  (adjective)  bedroom, surrounded by (noun, plural) and half-finished (noun, plural).  That only left the (adjective) one, a baby barely a (noun), to take care of.  One more and his (noun) would be done.

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