Girl Who Drank Moon

Title:  The Girl Who Drank the Moon

Author: Kelly Barnhill

Genre: Fantasy

Rating:  4 Stars.png

The Girl Who Drank the Moon is a deep story. It makes you think a lot, so I wouldn’t pick it if you want a mindless book. It’s about a girl named Luna who is “enmajicked” and lives with a witch named Xan, a tiny dragon named Fyrian, and a swamp Monster named Glerk. But it is also about a witch called the Sorrow Eater, a boy named Antain, an old man named Gherland, and a girl named Ethyne. All of them have jobs, such as one to kill the witch and one to kill who is planning to kill the witch. This story made me want to cry, laugh, and just throw it down in anger. It’s one of those books where you say, “I’ll read one more page,” and end up reading forty. I like this book because it makes me stop to think, but also is impossible to stop because you are always on your toes.

Reviewer:  SunPanda

Age:  10


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